Authenticity Cannot Be Guaranteed.
 Added on Jan 20, 2008 by Betsy    

I made the Goodwill circuit today, 3 Goodwills in 2 hours.

My last stop was in South Elgin, Il - it's a bit of a hike and considering my cart was empty walking out, don't think I will be walking in again soon. Something caught my eye, a sign taped to the inside of the locked 'good shit' glass case which stated in all capped Sharpie "Authenticity of Designer Purses Cannot Be Guaranteed NO REFUNDS".

Inside the case was the typical Coach resale line up: Beekman briefcase, City bag, Station bag and the unsellable Court bag.  The crazy thing was that the prices were way higher than my local Goodwill for similar items, they wanted $54.99 for a City Bag that looked like it had been dragged across the Jewel parking lot on a hot day.

I wonder if Goodwill considers themselves to be an outlet store in direct competition with the Coach outlet which is about 5 miles away and where you can walk out the door with a new purse for $65 and you don't have to pick asphalt out of the seams?

Though I would be lying if I didn't cop to being rescued by a small package hidden deep within an unused pocket of my resale Coach Hamptons tote, a new Maxi pad left there by the girl scout who bought it new.

Coach outlet should take note, Goodwill does have you beat on the pre-stocked purse tip.

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Season 1 Ep 1: Resale Issues, Expired Food Sale, The Night Before
 Added on Jan 19, 2008 by Betsy    

Resale Queen - 2008-01-19.mp3
Show: #001
Length: 19:53
Size: 13.7mb
Format: mp3

You've waited long enough!
I am now doing a weekly show focused on what else but resale
We'll talk resale issues and community trends
On this show we talk about how I got into this
Because you need some background
Most of you will know most of this from our podcast Croncast (every M-W-F)
And then I lay it all down
Topic: What to do the night before to prepare
I guarantee you haven't thought of some things that give you an advantage
Next week: What to keep in your resale readiness kit

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A New Addiction in a Perfect Storm
 Added on Jan 3, 2008 by Betsy    

Thirty mile an hour winds and minus 27 windchill.

While most people would balk at driving miles in the opposite direction of civilization down a road  called "the blacktop" during a blizzard, I see nothing but opportunity. The prospect of an excellent auction lay at the end of the blacktop.

I knew that this adventure we were embarking on seemed a lot like the beginning of  a predictable Discovery Channel show that could possibly end with me breaking off frozen toes and eating them out of desperation, but I also figured that the suburban hipsters looking for more treasure-clutter for their ecletijunk houses would stay away on such a day.

My only competition would be a small crowd in Carhardts using this as a "going to town" excuse.

I was right.

More to come.

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Goodwill as Economic Barometer
 Added on Dec 23, 2007 by Betsy    

Goodwill is practically empty.
It is one thing to hear on NPR that spending is down this Christmas, that foreclosures are "on the rise", that people are buying fewer "durable goods" this year.  That sounds like a dip on a bar graph, nothing to be concerned to deeply about.
However, for the first time in all the years I have been selling other people's junk on Ebay I am scrambling to make money.
Goodwill is just empty.
As a result, the mood is tense, even competitive.
In years past the regulars and an ever-changing cast of hopefuls engaged in good natured "I had my finger on it before you did" fun.
The weeks before Christmas are typically the time when the wealthy are purging the presents of the past to make way for this year's gluttony in the name of charity and tax exemptions.  This year was the first time I saw parents fight over a toy.
They actually got in a pulling match over an air hockey table, complete with crying children looking on.
I emptied my cart back onto the shelf and went home and pulled up some toys my kids don't play with anymore.
While there are a lot of Ebayers and weird women who sleep on beds of old newspaper there are also families that depend on Goodwill for Santa toys.
I quit buying toys for resale a few weeks ago, there just isn't enough stock to go around.

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Thought About Quitting This Morning, Karma Changed My Mind
 Added on Nov 12, 2007 by Betsy    

This morning I lay in bed thinking about the whopping $140 I made on Ebay last week.

Thinking about the gas I guzzled into the dry throat of the Volvo, about the shakes I got from drinking too much coffee at 5 in the morning in line for the Catholic's garbage doesn't seem so bad...and I decided I have had it.

Do I really make money or am I just making and spending the same $25  I started this rat trap business with 5 years ago?

Sitting online waiting for auctions to end this afternoon I realized most mommies are probably reading romance novels and having "me" moments while I sit in the basement waiting for an Arkansas grammie to figure if she wants to spend that much on Build a Bears when a miracle happened.

Karma intervened.

I sold a bowl for $100. 

A mashed potato bowl.

I just paid my electric bill with a mashed potato bowl.

Oops! Must not have gotten the response!

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