I hate money orders.
 Added on Oct 6, 2006 by Betsy    

This has been a rough week for the Queen. 

I was in desperate need of cash.  So I listed several items on one day as buy it now auctions.  I came back to my computer several hours later and checked my hotmail.  This is the message I got for the Bitty Baby I listed on my paypal only auction:

" Thank you for the baby, I have a 5 year old who has lost hers. So this works out great. This is my first time ordering on ebay. Can I mail you a money order, or do I have to go through paypal with my credit card info?"

Then my Cabbage Patch Kid Toys R Us 2001 1st Edition sold.

First there was an email at 10 am that asked: "Is there anyway you would consider a money order for this item?"

Apparently by 11 am Cabbie fever took over and she could not wait for my answer.  So not only did she bid, she did a buy it now.

A buy it now, with a money order.  That's like running into 7-11 for an Aquafina, going to the register, getting rung up then calling your Cousin Vera back east to put $1.10 in a saddlebag- pointing the horse in the general direction of the Midwest and giving it a good slap on the ass.

How well would that go over with the clerk?  You would be kicked to the curb.

And the problem is you can't bitch these people out because then they have the audacity to give you a neg.

The Bitty Baby chick is approaching it the other way which is to plead ignorance then throw your pathetic child lost doll story in to boot.

Ugh.  Look people I need cash- got hungry babies. 

If you don't trust your credit card number over the internet, if you prefer to live like it's 1983 then jump in your Country Squire Wagon and drive cross country to an American Girl store where you can conduct your transaction face to face like the good old days. Otherwise, get with the program!

Some people still don't trust Paypal.  That's fine . . .  just don't bid on my crap.

Oops! Must not have gotten the response!

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Santa's Sleigh of Discontinued Toys
 Added on Oct 5, 2006 by Betsy    

 The childlike joy of Christmas has returned to my soul.  For beginning in late September, a certain sanity flies south for the winter and insane parents world wide begin their search. 

They are on a quest to find the one perfect toy that will turn their grumpy overstilmulated goldfish poppin munchkin into an appreciative, faithful youngster. 

Some toys you  can just run down to Toys R Us and buy off the shelf no problemo, but what if you want the Little Tikes Activity Garden Mason is so in love with at day care or the vintage Little People Airplane at Grandma's house your kid has a fit over when it's time to leave.

That's where people like me come in.  You may think people who live for garage sales, church bazaars and going out of business sales are freaks, but keep in mind I am lining up at 5 in the morning outside St. Margaret Mary so your little girl can have the Eden My First Bear she lost replaced or so you can satitate your secret Cabbage Patch obsession.

Yes to the legions of Goodwill Dr. Feelgoods this is the best time of the year. 

If you are buying some things to look out for.  Toys toys toys, books are slowing down as school is into full swing and parental attention is shifting to all things big and plastic.  Little Tikes is a great investment this time of year.

Anything that will make Babykins light up when she comes down the stairs Christmas morning- so you see you are on the lookout for things with the WOW factor.  Sell a Step 2 Toddler kitchen set with tons of food, a Little Tikes Washer Dryer set so your little one can be just like mommy or daddy if you are lucky like that, and of course anything American Girl or Groovy Girl.

Stay away from anything outdoorsy- Spring is the time to sell your Tikes house or Cozy Coupe.

Oops! Must not have gotten the response!

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 Added on Oct 3, 2006 by Betsy    

 Just got my check from the mommy sale.


Not bad.

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The Castle is Getting Crowded and Smelly
 Added on Oct 3, 2006 by Betsy    

So the Elmo investment didn't pan out.

It was entirely the fault of my assistant, however since she is both unpaid and related to me I have to ignore that fact and move on.

So this is when being a seller gets speculative.  I could return the TMXs at Toys R Us, relist them and chance paying Ebay fees on another item that did not sell, or I can sit on them hoping that the little third world toy making elves will develop carpal tunnel and be unable to fufill the desires of spoiled preschoolers who need a $100 giggle box- which by December 18th could be worth $225.

These are the issues that keep the Queen awake at night.

Seriously though the Elmos are depreciating somewhat, what was last week's $100 sure thing is now a $70 sale.

So I think I am going to sit on them.

This is the problem.  I am also sitting on American Girl dolls, Groovy Girls, bins full of Legos, Lego Dacta Table, Tons of books, Build a Bears, Step 2 Kitchen pieces, Today's Kids Baby Gates and misc stuffed animals. 

My castle is becoming a crowded place that smells like a resale shop.

Thank goodness all the Prada at Goodwill was fake today- because who needs the clutter.

Keep an eye on thesmithmall's crap this week I am in the mood to purge.

Like anyone with a psychological disorder my urges come and go.  Sometimes I do nothing but buy for weeks, then one morning I wake up and look at the messy storage locker I am living in-get fed up-and make a thousand in a day.  Other disorders dont pay this well.

Oops! Must not have gotten the response!

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Elmo TMX- how to find and sell yours for mad cash
 Added on Sep 30, 2006 by betsy    

So this week's sale of the century wasn't at a garage or warehouse honey.  It was at Toys R Us.

Last week I recalled all I had gotten my niece for her birthday was some previously nibbled play food, and since she was standing on the driveway i bought it from- it wasnt actually a surprise. 

So out of guilt I went where the Queen rarely goes, somewhere where new in box is an expectation not a bonus.  Yup Toys R Us, walkin around the joint I realized how I make such mad cash.  Toys are pricey plastic!

While I was wandering around the store I stopped in front of the Elmo display- my niece loves Elmo.  Of course there was a giant blank space where there ought to be floor to ceiling Tickle Me Elmo TMX dolls.  I had seen a segment on Good Morning America about how these were selling out and my sister had looked up the completeds and told me they were worth $80-$100.  Toys R Us is selling them for $39.99.
Now I know to the rest of the world a 100% mark up is unheard of in most things legal, but to the Queen its not all that impressive.

As I was standing there a  store person walked by and I asked if by chance they had any Elmos in the back, since what the hell I'm standing there and I have$ 80 bucks burning a hole in my pocket.  The dude looked genuinely apologetic and went into this long spiel about how it was so sad that the children who wanted Elmos were unable to have them -like TMX Elmo's are Flintstones vitamins or something.  Then he volunteered that he was getting shipment on Wednesday morning and hopefully there would be some Elmos on the truck but he honestly didnt know for sure.

I reassured him that I had an entire posse of Elmo deprived toddlers at home (those damn quads are so demanding) and that I would be sure to be in bright and early on Wednesday.  I then asked where they would be and would there be a line.  He assured me that the fabulous TMX was much to precious for floor space and they would be safely tucked behind the service desk.  I thanked him and added that he had ensured the Quads faith in Santa for one more precious year- this made him blush.  You can call Wed. morning if you like just to make sure we got some he said. 

Your Queen knows better than that.  People if you have a hot lead you have to follow it up with foot work.  Rule #1 of Ebay selling Get your ass out there and dont be afraid to look desperate and destitute. 

If you drive a BMW, then buy a garage saleing GMC and park the skanky hunk in the garage if you are afraid of what the neighbors think- sometime I will describe my hunka junka but back to Elmo.

So of course Wednesday morn rolls around and my kids wake up vomiting with fever.  Thats where hunka junka car comes in- you can toss your vomiting offspring and take subdivision curves at 40 miles an hour and you don't have to worry about messing up the upholstery.

I pick up my sister/apprentice and we arrive at 957, and TRU opens at 1000- now normally i would be there at 4 in the morning however the vomit team slowed me down a bit.  My tardy arrival didnt seem to mean much since there were only about 7 other Ebay freaks outside waiting.  My sister went in first and got 2, then i went in.  There was a teenager at the door handing out fliers- each good for one Elmo.

Unfortunately there was a store limit of 2 and I opted not to start my nagging quad story since judging by the other buyers she had heard the same story. There they were a mad tower of red fuzzy battery operated cash.  The chick in front of me was slowing the flow with a run of the mill store return- oh the nonselling public is such a bother.

While I was standing there the phone didn't stop ringing "Got Elmos" they were asking sitting in their jammies-"no" the store clerks said they will probably be gone within the next 15 minutes. Ha! i thought your lazy ass will have to buy one from me off Ebay.  People must not remember the store raffles, scavenger hunts and Kmart cafeteria BINGO of the Cabbage Patch 80s- you just have to get your body in there if you want one and stand in line- at least if you want to pay retail. So I got my Elmos and we jetted off in Slowski- my garage salein beast.

I let my sister list them and I gave her the same pricing advice i am going to give you.  Check the completed listing and see what they are selling for then sell yours for just a few dollars lower.  So according to Vicky sister/assistant's research if sold as a lot of 2 Elmo's the auctions were ending for around 199- so i told her to sell ours 2 sets of 2 for 195.00 buy it now 197.99. 

Ya gotta look out for the mommies of quads who need 4 and put ability to combine shipping in the listing as well-I advised.  However I forgot some of the most important advice!  IF YOU ARE SELLING SOME MUST HAVE IT NEW CANT FIND IT TOY MAKE IT A ONE DAY AUCTION for the third world is busting their starving asses to supply our gluttonous souls with more Elmos.

Vicky listed on Thurs as a three day ending on Saturday afternoon- a pretty dead time on Ebay also you dont get the same feeling of emergency you do if the auction is one day. And of course the most important thing- GO ON COMPLETED AUCTIONS AND FIND THE ENDED AUCTION THAT WAS MOST SUCCESSFUL AND COPY THEIR TITLE WORDS- my sister put us at a disadvantage by listing as- Elmo TMX lot of two-when most people would put the number 2 in their search not the whole word two- also tmx is T.M.X. as well as 10th or tenth anniversary- also using the word "of" is just fluff filling and you only get so many characters so you have to make them work for you.  See what i'm saying PEOPLE CAN ONLY BUY WHAT THEY CAN FIND!

Oh well thats why she is the apprentice and not the QUEEN!

P.S Im still waiting for the fertility goddesses to send me my check will keep you posted.

Oops! Must not have gotten the response!

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